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From acute situations to preventative strategies, our effective and transformative programs deliver life-changing results.

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Evidence-based and tailored to respond to each client’s individuality, Raindrum’s range of discreet and private rehab programs are designed to bring positive and lasting change to the lives of our clients in a way no other program can. Our rehab programs combine proven clinical solutions with experiential and allied health therapies to accelerate healing. Our treatment programs and mental health retreats address a variety of conditions including addiction and dependency, anxiety, depression, vocational stress, eating disorders and relationship conflict. We also specialise in providing therapeutic programs designed to maximise sports, personal and corporate performance. Our clients come from a wide range of circumstances, including the high-pressure worlds of commerce, entertainment, sport, the arts, politics, defence and the legal profession. Just as no two clients are the same, no two programs are the same. We work with individuals and organisations to establish clear goals and customise intensive, bespoke luxury rehab programs. Our programs respond to your progress. As you evolve through the program, we make changes to align with you. As you feel more energetic, calm, empowered and healthy, we introduce new elements, or adjust your therapy to keep you moving forward. It’s all part of being focused on you, the individual, and helping you live your best life.


Discreet rehab programs, individually designed

As unique as the people we treat, Raindrum private rehab programs are expertly tailored to the individual. Our programs, including drug and alcohol rehab, are customised in collaboration with each client and their representatives, taking into account personal, industry and environmental factors.

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Evidence-based, outcome-oriented

Raindrum provides effective and innovative care, through uniquely personalised programs. Our clinicians, companions and therapists operate as a cohesive team, focused on delivering life-changing outcomes. Raindrum programs help clients realise their potential and live more positive lives.

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Raindrum is a specialist provider of private rehabilitation, preventative health, sports, performance and wellbeing programs. We are dedicated to improving our client’s quality of life, working to support the prioritisation of health and wellbeing as the new measure of wealth.


World Class Specialists

Raindrum’s treatment programs utilise private, one-on-one sessions with mental health specialists such as psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists.

With a wealth of experience in private rehabilitation programs, and more importantly, in understanding the human condition, our mental health team have come to understand and work with the unique needs of our clients. At Raindrum, we surround our clients with an ensemble of personalised support and care, from qualified experts, without judgement or blame.

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Privacy & Comfort

Headquartered in the internationally regarded wellness destination of Byron Bay, long viewed as a place of healing, and operating across the NSW Northern Rivers, Raindrum offers an environment removed from everyday distractions, influences and triggers. Programs are delivered from a selection of exclusive homes, providing privacy and discretion in a uniquely therapeutic setting.

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For Employers

Business Healthcare Partnerships

Our tailored executive programs respond to the needs of a corporate environment, while addressing the deeply personal issues at the heart of each experience. We offer preventative programs to identify potential problems before they arise, and rehabilitative programs to address acute situations in times of crisis.

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